Antshares Cryptocurrency Falling Down

Antshares cryptocurrency falling down

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Antshares cryptocurrency falling down

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Today We are going to take a look at Antshares on bittrex

Antshares has alot going on as of recently, the price quickly jumped up from around 53,000 Satoshis up to an insane 500,000+ satoshis for gains over 600%.

Some happy millionaires made in the past few days.

Post I found on Steemit regarding antshares

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Ok so lets check the trend recently.

Antshares cryptocurrency falling down

You see a few days ago it had a quick run up, followed by a quick power dump falling the value from voer 500k satoshi to around380,000 satoshi, it came back up from there and hit about 445,000 satoshi only to fall back down to around 335,000 satoshi where it roughly is now at the time of recording the trading post.

Lets check out the fibonacci retracement liens breifly and see if we have a profit potential.

We can quickly see a 60% retracement up to around 445-450k satoshi, if your ballsy you could set a sell order up here, but most people would opt for a quick bail out at the lower 400k satoshi mark, so as you can see you can quickly turn a 30-60% profit i would predict in the next 48-72 hours, as we can se on the official antshares page that a news conference is coming up

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Antshares cryptocurrency falling down