Be Legendary Kraken Cryptocurrency

Be legendary kraken cryptocurrency

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You have to enjoy the sense of humor reflected here; their sign-up button reads, “Sign Up Now—Release the Kraken.” Some exchanges tend to aim for more experienced investors, which can leave those new to the game feeling a little out in the cold.

Be legendary kraken cryptocurrency

Newcomers to digital currency trading will appreciate the trading guide provided here; it walks them through the terminology and processes for the several different types of cryptocurrency trades they can make through the exchange. While there's a lot of information to pore through in this section, it's very helpful in providing the definitions and assistance many exchanges tend to assume investors already know. Their FAQ section is just as detailed, and for those who still have questions, they can submit them to customer support.

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Currency market data is available on the Kraken website, both as a banner across the top of every screen page, and in much more detail on their “Market Data” tab. Kraken is also plugged in to social media outlets, and traders can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and GitHub.

Be legendary kraken cryptocurrency


The Kraken digital currency exchange is operated by Payward, Inc., whose founders are Jesse Powell, Constance Choi and Michael Gronager. The exchange was opened in May 2013, and is based in San Francisco, California.

Be legendary kraken cryptocurrency