Benefits Of Cryptocurrency In Mobile Gaming

Benefits of cryptocurrency in mobile gaming

Benefits of cryptocurrency in mobile gaming

MobileGo is the first mobile gaming platform and store catered to the crypto world. Find out everything you need to know about MobileGo today in our review.

What Is MobileGo?

MobileGo, found online at, is a crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store.

The store looks surprisingly similar to the Google Play store (the UIs are nearly identical).

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At the time of writing, MobileGo had about 300 mobile games listed in the store. Before the end of 2017, the company plans to expand to offer thousands of games.

The store is designed to compete with the Google Play Store and other popular mobile gaming platforms.

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MobileGo promises higher revenue shares (90%, compared to the 70% offered by the Google Play Store) and 60 hour developer payouts (compared to the 60 day payouts offered by the Google Play Store).

MobileGo achieves these benefits using the power of cryptocurrency. The mobile game store revolves around the use of MobileGo tokens (GameCredits or GAME).

How Does MobileGo Work?

MobileGo revolves around the use of GameCredits (GAME).


GameCredits will pay for all in-game transactions and game payments. They can also be discovered in game, or distributed in coupons.

In the future, GameCredits Inc.

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will run tournaments where winners are paid out in GAME tokens.

Other planned features for MobileGo include decentralized player-run tournaments, decentralized peer-to-peer match play, and a decentralized P2P virtual item marketplace.

All of these features will be accessible from inside the mobile store.

MobileGo Features

Some of the key features of the MobileGo platform include:

  • Gamification of the platform, where users can earn discounts and rewards through playing games or engaging in gaming-like activities
  • Decentralized virtual marketplace where players can trade virtual items
  • Decentralized match play and decentralized tournaments
  • 300 games from over 150 developers, with the goal of launching 1000 games before the end of the year

The centralized gaming tournaments will be run by gaming developers on the platform in order to promote their games.

These tournaments will be sponsored tournaments that encourage player participation.

Benefits For Game Developers

Today, game developers basically have two choices for posting their mobile games online: the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

Benefits of cryptocurrency in mobile gaming

Both stores take about a 30% cut of gaming revenue.

MobileGo wants to create a more equitable system for game developers. By giving game developers more rewards, MobileGo wants to encourage more developers to come to their platform.

Right now, the MobileGo platform takes only 10% of revenue.

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In addition, developers can receive payouts in as little as 60 hours – compared to the 60 days you may need to wait for the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Another problem is that developers face long waiting periods when adding new versions to the mobile app stores.

MobileGo, in contrast, allows quick and easy integration of SDKs.

Speeding up transaction times

It achieves this by using an integration environment where developers can upload their APK file.

The system checks Google Play for verification, then downloads the vetted APK from there. MobileGo uses this system to maintain quality control while avoiding backlogs of game updates.

In summary, the three core benefits of MobileGo for developers include:

  • Faster payouts (60 hours instead of 60 days)
  • Faster and more frequent updates
  • Higher percentage of gaming revenue (10% instead of the 30% taken by Google or Apple)

MobileGo Tokens

MobileGo’s crowdsale took place between April 25 and May 24.

Benefits of cryptocurrency in mobile gaming

50% of funds raised through that crowdsale were dedicated exclusively for marketing. One of the key marketing strategies of MobileGo is to use “installs” through Facebook and Google AdWords, where gamers can install an app directly from the ad without navigating to the app store.

As gamers achieve levels of status in the MobileGo platform, they’ll be rewarded with MobileGo tokens.

Gamers that own or have acquired a certain number of MobileGo tokens may be eligible for the following incentives:

  • Coupon reward discounts when using GameCredits to purchase in-game content
  • Free entrance into VIP gaming tournaments with real cash prizes
  • Private beta testing of certain new release games in the store

100 million MobileGo tokens were created in total.

Benefits of cryptocurrency in mobile gaming

70 million were released through the crowdsale, while 30 million were retained by the MobileGo Foundation. In addition to the 50% of funds used for marketing, MobileGo will dedicate 20% for development and 30% for legal fees, payment processing floats, and future development.

About MobileGo

MobileGo plans to launch its first centralized tournaments by July/August 2017. By Q4 2017, they hope to achieve complete gamification of the mobile platform, including MobileGo token integration into player profiles, statuses, and rewards.

They also aim to launch their decentralized virtual gamer marketplace before Q4 2017.

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By Q1 2018, the company plans to completely integrate decentralized gamer matches and decentralized gamer tournaments.

Combined, the MobileGo team has over 25 years of experience in game development. Key members of the team include championship level gamer Sergey Sholom, PhD, who founded Datcroft Games Ltd.

MobileGo Conclusion

in 2004.

Other key members of the team include Vesselin Peev, Nikola Djokic, CTO, and Maxim Sholom, PhD.

MobileGo Conclusion

MobileGo is an ambitious gaming platform that aims to compete with Apple and Google’s app stores. To compete with these giants, MobileGo wants to combine the benefits of cryptocurrency with the widespread popularity of mobile games. Developers earn a higher revenue share (90% compared to 70%) and enjoy faster payouts.

MobileGo plans to launch player tournaments and a P2P virtual item marketplace before the end of the year.

The company just recently completed its ICO, which saw the release of 100,000,000 GameCredits (GAME).

Visit to learn more about where this project is headed in the future.