Bridging The Gap Between Gold And Cryptocurrencies

Bridging the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain technology which is a decentralized platform – unlike Traditional banking sectors.

Rising General and Institutional Acceptance

Cryptocurrencies are playing a huge role in day to day financial transactions but the traditional banks are imposing several rules and regulations that are stopping from fiat to cryptocurrency swapping and vice versa.

Cryptocurrency is creating a revolution when it comes to the financial transactions across the globe but with so many rules and regulations, lack of the contextual information around the transaction, anonymity, and lack of customer service and full banking services are the main issues that are faced by cryptocurrencies in the present situation.

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There are so many monetary benefits with cryptocurrencies which will help in the improvisation of economy of the countries too but most of the countries are scared of the above mentioned consequences and aren’t ready to invest in these currencies. This is how a gap has been formed between the users and cryptocurrencies.

Bridging the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies

In order to bridge the gap, a new age bank named Victorieum entered into the market.

Victorieum is an offshore bank which supports various types of cryptocurrencies without any hassle and trades them with different type of fiat currencies.

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Any user who registers themselves with Victorieum bank will get a separate International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identity Card (BIC). These are used as account number and sort code.

Bridging the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies

They are provided in the internationally recognized format. These account number and sort code will aid the international transactions and make them easier.

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The technology that has been used in Victorieum helps in easy and instant international SWAP between the fiat and cryptocurrencies. The bank supports varies fiat currencies including EURO, USD, GBP, etc.

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On top of that Victorieum provides its services for customers in 12 languages and the service is available 24/7.

This will help the customers who are in various time zones to get access to the customer service without any fuss.

The ICO investors are rewarded with free Victorieum credit and debit cards that will help in transactions. These cards are available in three variants including silver, gold and platinum cards.

Benefits of Victorieum Bank

There are huge benefits of Victorieum bank to its users.

Bridging the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies

It delivers the following features

  • The Victorieum exchange is connected with the Victorieum bank and this result in fast fiat deposits and withdraws.

    The transactions are done fast and smooth.

    Bridging the gap between gold and cryptocurrencies

  • The team of Victorieum bank is highly professional and knowledgeable. This helps in easy management of the trading.
  • Platforms like CivicTM and Trezor TM are integrated with Victorieum and this will help in providing the users with highest security to their money.
  • There would be instant swapping between the fiat and cryptocurrencies.

    At first the exchanges will be made with EUR and USD.

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    Various other fiat currencies will be added further.

Victorieum is a new age bank that provides various latest and innovative features that will help in using the cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

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