Buy Gold And Diamond Chain With Cryptocurrency Reddit

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

hello guys welcome back with me nekonyun in this time i will review project Innovaminex, because this project has a great idea that we must know and we give support to this project Innovaminex, want to know what is a great idea from project Innovaminex, stay here ok


do you know what a precious metal is.

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yes precious metals are pure metals which have high prices. Precious metals such as gold, diamond, ruby. precious metal enthusiasts in the world are very high, especially gold.

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

Usually the precious metal is used as an investment, but sometimes used by criminals to cheat that is making fake gold. This causes losses for people who buy fake gold. therefore before we buy precious metals we must know the origin of the precious metal and the verified seller.

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

for that I recommend the Innovaminex project because the Innovaminex project has many advantages for precious metals

#InnovaMinex is a better solution for precious metals

Innovaminex was led by Fernando García Sanz. Fernando García Sanz with the team Innovaminex made the Innovaminex project. Innovaminex's project aims to allow the origin of verified precious metals and make gold and other precious metals more accessible to everyone through cryptocurrency at the best price from the Innovaminex community.

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By using Innovaminex's blockchain technology the origin of gold and precious metals is easy to track so buyers don't be afraid with the authenticity of gold and other precious metals from innovaminex and also innovaminex merchants integrating with big markets namely amazon, ebay and others

#For more details about the project Innovaminex see the video below

the project Innovaminex has 3 functions, namely

Mining Project Innovaminex
innovaminex has 7 mining projects GUAYAQUIL, VIZCAYA, BOLÍVAR 2, ANTIOQUIA 3, MINEX 7, MINEX 12 and TOLIMA, which will operate gradually and also Innovaminex in collaboration with minexcorp gold minning.

Innovaminex also tries not to damage nature and does not interfere with the economics of the poor around the mine .has a mining site in Colombia.

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

If you are interested in Innovaminex mining sites you can visit Colombia

Innovaminex Gold Sales
Project Innovaminex also created innovaminex gold sales websites that can pay with cryptocurrency and Innovaminex makes good gold designs such as the Coin Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin and logo coins Innovaminex. this makes the appearance of gold even better.

Scarce, Secure, Rewarding

e-commerce innovaminex is also available on amazon, ebay and others . if you are interested in innovaminex gold you can buy here

ATM Innovaminex
Project Innovaminex also makes ATM Innovaminex uses from ATM Innovaminex is a function to sell or buy bitcoin and for payment instruments .innovaminex makes 3 different atm namely Innova, Minex, and software. these three types of innovaminex atm have different advantages and uses, you can read here

#innovaminex cryptocurrency

The project Innovaminex makes digital currency specifically for Innovaminex called Innovaminex.

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

with ticker INX usability of currency crypto innovaminex is as a transaction tool and also crypto innovaminex currency can be used to buy gold at innovaminex merchants and the most unique one we can get discounted prices if we buy gold using innovaminex cryptocurrency and crypto currency security no doubt because crypto currencies use blockchain technology makes security of crypto currency safer


So the Innovaminex project is highly recommended as a project that combines cryptocurrecy and precious metals.

And also Innovaminex sells gold that has a verified origin so don't worry about the authenticity of gold sold by Innovaminex.

Buy gold and diamond chain with cryptocurrency reddit

And you can buy gold using crypto currencies at Innovaminex. If you are interested in the Innovaminex project, you can support this project by participating in the sale of Innovaminex ICO here

A Innovaminex ICO details

● Symbo l: INX.
● Type : Utility Token.
● Decimals : 6 (0.000001 INX).
● Volum e: 300 million INX.
● Price : $ 0,50 = 1 INX.
● Technology : Own blockchain.
● Soft Cap : The amount in cryptocurrencies is equivalent to $ 10,000,000.
● Hard Cap : The amount in cryptocurrencies is equivalent to $ 52,500,000.
● Min.

Personal Purchase : 1 INX.
● Max.

Ipo long run performance

Personal Purchase : No limit.
● Accepted cryptocurrencies : BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP.
● Whitelist : Yes, starting from Nov/26/2018.
● Know Your Customer (KYC) : Yes.

Distribution Token

For more details and join the ICO you can visit below

● Website :
●Tokenomics :

To get good info and news from Innovaminex visit and follow the Innovaminex media below

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