Can Ipo Be Non Profit

Can ipo be non profit

Can ipo be non profit

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Know any that work probono?

The corporation is being setup to facilitate funding, among other things.

Can ipo be non profit

Yes we'll be playing in the major leagues, we've secured a patent on a novel employment law ADR system for resolving disputes between employers and employees.

We used game theory to engineer a system of litigation that is cooperative, rather than adversarial, as well as engineered it to work within the construct of our adversarial civil law system.

3 Steps to Making Money with IPOs

We think it will save for-profit corporations billions in settlement costs, while at the same time empowering the employee to believe that an equitable outcome can be reached without them escalating a dispute to the courts.

As this new ADR process has the potential to benefit society, we want to make everything as transparent as possible, and feel that a non profit with public shares will facilitate this. I've incorporated my share of companies, but the devil is in the details on this one.

Pre ipo startup jobs

The minute details of everything are admittedly beyond me, but so is putting the right people on the tasks. Ideal we would have a whole team working on the details of the best way to implement everything, but without initial capital it's a chicken and the egg problem.

My personal goal in this venture is to get everything to a point that I can bring in paid executive staff and then let them take the reins.

I'm thinking I should just setup a regular 501c3 and then let them reincorporate once all of the details have been worked out.

Can ipo be non profit