Cryptocurrencies And Sweden And Real Estate

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

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We all know Real Estate is a trillion dollar industry and we all know that blockchain technology is the future of the world. These three Cryptocurrencies/companies are looking to innovate the Real Estate world.

  1. Real Estate Revolution (REX).

    Rex is a global decentralized Real Estate listing service that function on the ethereum blockchain. You can search any property in the world with REX. With recent advances in peer-to-peer data distribution and blockchain technology, Rex will provide universal access to real estate information and streamline the transaction process.

    Physical Assets & Their Market Value

    Rex will start by building a global multiple listing service, creating a data layer that is accessible to everyone. The database will minimize listing fees and maximize listing exposure. Rex will provide users the ability to create sale and lease “smart” contracts. Benefits include a savings on time, communication, and administrative costs.

    Rex will develop an architecture to create tokenized contracts with an exchange where property tokens can be traded.


    Rex will connect vendors, buyers and agents over a fast connecting service for free. People will get paid in Rex tokens for listing available property and for being active on the website.

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    This coin will modernize Real Estate for the peer to peer world.

2)REIDAO (REI). REIDAO Decentralize real estate ownerships. REIDAO seeks to introduce crypto assets that are backed by a particular real estate in the real world.

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

This will create an exposure towards the real estate market for the crypto assets holders, such as rental income generation and capital appreciation from the underlying property. These crypto assets will follow the ERC20 Token Standard, and will be able to be integrated with other services on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

REIDAO is creating tokens (digital assets) backed by real estate with its unique Token ID for every property that is listed on the platform. Every Token ID will have its own cap of tokens available/created, its own valuation - based on the property that is backing it, and its own track record (of price movements, rental income/dividend, and so on).

Bitcoin’s relatively high price works for big-ticket items, decreasing the deal’s processing time.

They want to democratized property opportunities, to be accessible by everyone, wherever they are. By buying and selling tokens, you are in a way buying and selling fractions of the underlying property.

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

They created a structure including Public Trust Company to create the link between the tokens and the actual properties. They are the stock market for Real Estate.


Shoe ipo wolf of wallstrewt moive

Bitproperty is a company that owns and operate incoming Real Estate. When investing you must be diversified.

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

Real Estate is a trillion dollar business and Bitproperty is looking to be the number one Real Estate crypto. Bitproperty is a distributed network of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) run by digital tokens.

Cryptocurrencies and sweden and real estate

Everyone on the network can invest more faster at a low cost and create a new trading market of REIT. Token investors will get a cut of dividends for holding for a period of time.

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Obviously, the more you invest the more dividends you get paid. This token will provide investors of all types regular income streams, diversification and long-term capital appreciation.