Cryptocurrency Debate In India

Cryptocurrency debate in india


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IYour name is not connected to your account. You are free to use whatever pseudonym you want to manage your cryptocurrency wallet.

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What’s more, the identities of coin owners are always encrypted. This is a level of privacy that no other currency can promise.

As the currency is completely decentralized – a peer-to-peer system, you are its master.

Cryptocurrency debate in india

You own it. Neither governments nor banks have control over it.

Critics may point out that it is not completely private as criminals have been tracked using Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency debate in india

That’s true but Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency on the market. You could opt for Monero, DASH, or Verge instead, which place an even stronger emphasis on privacy.


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How can you trust that which has no rules? As supporters of cryptocurrency proudly flaunt, it is completely unregulated and decentralized.

Cryptocurrency debate in india

As of yet, there is no central power dictating the rules of cryptocurrency. When we interviewed ECB President Mario Draghi on the subject, he warned: while the euro is backed by the ECB, no institution backs bitcoin. That is not reassuring.

Also, if you buy something with Bitcoin and get ripped off, don’t expect anyone to help you.

If someone hacks into your wallet, no one is coming to your aid.

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Think it’s unlikely? Think again. This has happened before.

Cryptocurrency debate in india

If it happens to you, you’re on your own. Such is the risk of an unregulated system.

Cryptocurrency debate in india