Established As A Ipo

Established as a ipo

Established as a ipo

freee freee establishes IPO business unit We will run from the founding to IPO in parallel, strengthening the creation of an environment in which small businesses grow strongly ………………………………………………………………………………………… We are pleased to announce that freee has launched the “IPO Division” to support small business IPO preparations.

We will support IPO preparation for companies that are considering IPO with a small business with 300 employees or less.

Established as a ipo


First, we plan to hold seminars and exchange meetings aimed at providing information to IPO preparation companies, and in the future we will strengthen cooperation with related companies and provide them as a comprehensive service.

In addition, we plan to add the time work flow function to “personnel labor freee” in the near future, and we will increase the functions that can be easily used by IPO preparation companies in the functional aspect of freee. Freee has been offering services such as “Cloud freeing free” (“Accounting freee”) and “Human resources and labor freee” to promote the back-office efficiency of small businesses, such as “Opening freee” and “Company freeing”.

Established as a ipo

We have provided a wide range of services that make it easier to start businesses, such as “foundation loan freee”. “Accounting freee” has been used by many companies since the start of provision of the “Enterprise Plan” plan for listed preparation companies and listed companies in March 2017, and 41 out of 100 top funding companies have been accounted for freee Has been introduced (Note). With the establishment of the IPO business unit this time, we aim to realize the mission of “small business as a leading role in the world.” I will do my best.

Established as a ipo

(Note) Top 100 companies raised funds from VC: Survey of companies that raised more than 100 million yen in the last year Company name freee Corporation (Registered name: Free Corporation) President CEO Daisuke Sasaki Established July 9, 2012 Capital: 16,160,30000 yen (including capital reserve, etc.) Location 8-2 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo First Building 9F freee is based on the mission of “making small business a leading role in the world.” With the power of data and technology, we will realize “a platform where anyone with ideas, passions and skills can grow their business smarter” .

Through “cloud accounting software freee” and “personnel labor freee” cloud services that “automatically lighten management,” we are not only making back office operations more efficient, but also making management visualization and problem solution proposals. As a SaaS type cloud service originating in Japan, we will build an open platform by collaborating with partners and financial institutions, and pursue “Maje” (*).

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

※ Essential (true) and valuable: Do what you say with confidence that it is intrinsically valuable to the user.

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