Ipo Training Dogo Argentino

Ipo training dogo argentino


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Congratulations on bringing home your Dogo Argentino puppy.  Before having that “perfect dogo puppy” however, there will be some training involved, as we are sure you are well aware.  On this page you will find some helpful tips on house training your dogo argentino puppy, to make you and your Dogo puppy’s life a little easier.  The two keys to successful house training are "Confine" and "Observe".

      There are many things involved with food and water scheduling, but just as people differ, your Dogo Argentino puppy may differ from the next.  (Feeding only two times daily "first thing in the morning" & again around "4 - 6pm in the evening" is a good start.

Try to limit water in the evenings.) To begin with, we will focus on the main key point which is to confine your Dogo puppy to an appropriately sized crate when you cannot observe him/her. (For more crate training tips, see our Crate training page)

      Having a properly sized crate is going to be your best friend.  It needs to be large enough for your Dogo Argentino puppy to stand up and turn around in, but not much bigger than that.  Otherwise, your Dogo puppy will think he has got a bedroom with a bathroom built in, and this will prove to be a mess for you both.  To save on having to buy multiple crates as your Dogo puppy ages, many crates now come with dividers/extenders.  This will allow you to control how big the area is that your Dogo Argentino puppy will be spending his time in.

      Your Dogo Argentino should be in his/her crate unless you can observe him 100%.

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This means that when your Dogo pup is loose, he/she has your undivided attention. Consider attaching a 6 foot cord or leash to his collar so you can more easily locate him, and prevent your puppy from leaving the room without you.

Ipo training dogo argentino

If he starts to make a move out of your sight, you’ll be better able to catch him by simply stepping on the leash.

      Next is observation.  This along with the confinement will be your best aid with potty training your Dogo Argentino puppy.   Potty Training is usually the most frustrating of things you will have to do, but with a little patience in working with your Dogo puppy, you both will be happier.  In many ways, potty training can be rewarding.

Not only can you help your pets to stop making messes on your favorite carpeting, but you can develop a strong relationship of trust and bonding with him/her.

Ipo training dogo argentino

Plus, once he is potty trained, you won’t have to teach him again!  Here are some useful steps in Potty Training, some which we have already covered:

    1. Use a crate. SEE Crate training is very effective as we have already mentioned. A crate is used to allow your Dogo Argentino to have a place to sleep and at the same time, teaches him to control his bladder.

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      Dogo Argentino’s usually won't soil their bedding. Then, when it is time to get up and go out, you can easily lead him out of the crate to the acceptable “potty area”.

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      Your Dogo Argentino learns from the start that you control potty time. CRATE TRAINING

    2. After meals, give your Dogo Argentino puppy 15 minutes and then take them out. Food is a trigger not only to eat but also to go.

      Ipo training dogo argentino

      When it comes to potty training success, allow your pet to get outside when the urge is approaching.  Being sure to know the signs will also help.  These include circling, sniffing, anxiousness, whining among other things.  The more you get to know your Dogo puppy, the better able you will be to recognize the signs that are unique to him.  Another good rule is to not leave food out.  Having a set meal schedule, including how long you leave the food down (usually 15-30 minutes is plenty) and how long you wait before taking your Dogo puppy outside.  All of these will help him learn once again that you are in control.  

    3. Pick a “potty spot”.

      Select the area of your yard that you want your Dogo Argentino to go in.

      Did You Know?

      Take them to that spot every time to go. This will help your Dogo puppy to learn that when he needs to go, he needs to come here.

      Ipo training dogo argentino

      Also, the smell of urine is yet another trigger for your Dogo puppy to go. 

    4. Remember that rewards need to be emotional, as well as physical.  Therefore it is more successful to give you Dogo Argentino a reward of a patting and a rub down then it is for you to hand them a treat.

      Treats are food which can also trigger potty time, so while they are acceptable in some cases, you don’t want your Dogo puppy to think that he is going to get a treat every time. 

    5. Along with rewarding success, make sure to limit punishing accidents.  Although you may be angry with your Dogo puppy at times and want to punish him, remember that Dogo’s, like children, respond much better to love.

Caring for your Dogo Argentino at times may seem like hard work, but it will be very rewarding!

When it comes to potty training, success will come much faster when you install these five tips into your program! Have fun with your training and remember love and patience. http://www.legenddogos.com/cratetraining.htm

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