Is Investing 200 Dollars To Crypto Enough

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough

Paul Miller, the head of Hell Yeah, who provides consulting services to solve problems with the online business, pointed to the ninth crypto currency, suitable for investment.

After my investments in Ethereum grew 45 times, I decided to study alternative crypto-currencies.

I believe in the idiom "skin in the game" - the advice of a person who does not risk his own skin, you should not listen.

Therefore, in the currency of the list I threw a tangible amount of money.

Crypto currency is an affordable way of venture investment.

A look back at fundamentals on the 10th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper on bitcoin.

So, Ethereum collected money in 2014 and shot - allowing the ETH team to move unprecedentedly. The money they spend on development, like the rest of the startups.
The law in the US prohibits an unaccredited investor to buy a stake in private, non-traded companies. It is sad that the state so sharply limits the circle of people - the necessary status is provided only for 200 thousand dollars of annual income.

Investments in crypto currency are not regulated by the securities management agency, as well as by other agencies, so everyone can buy them.

Any investment can grow a hundredfold and turn into a pumpkin.

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Your choice is to follow the advice or ignore it. The list lacks the bulk of the crypto currency, the disguised financial pyramids; In addition, there are no projects without the use of innovations in the real world.

Nine currencies

He is "Ethereum".

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough

Has grown 40 times in two years. You can create full-blown block-based applications without intermediaries. From what you can mash up: mathematically honest casinos and bookmakers, currency exchanges, crowdfunding, simple notarization, issue and storage of shares for the company.

AG Overview

Projects work without the mediation of people, which takes away from owners the opportunity to take all the kush from the project and dump it.

A very promising project, a productive team (look what Vitalik Buterin is doing right now).

"Ether" - the second market capitalization after bitcoin, while it is still 10 times smaller - that is, even with a conservative forecast that no currency will become more bitcoin, it can grow 10 times.

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough

Nevertheless, 10x is not high enough for long-term investments.


Anonymous bitcoin"But is not bitcoin anonymous?" - you ask; And the answer will be "Unfortunately, in general, no." Illumination of the purse address in BTC will allow anyone to see all incoming and outgoing transactions for the entire period.

First in bitcoin appeared services that mix together the black and white cash (mixers), due to which the purse fell "unclear from where" the money taken.

Simply put, you sent bitcoin to the site, it interfered with it with other bitcoins and sent one of the other bitcoins to the final address.

This site has become popular with the black market: drug sellers and weapons.

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However, implementation based on bitcoin counts on the fact that you trust the owner of the mixing service - and that he will not surrender you to the police.
What is unacceptable, when on the scales of life and freedom.

In Monero, such a mix is ​​built in - usually transactions are mixed with each other, and it is not possible to track them in many cases.

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This increases the potential of the currency for the black market - thanks to which it received its first growth.

Also it seems to me that the anonymity of transactions, which is also a bank secret, is a necessity for accepting any crypto currency as a popular means of payment.

The market capitalization of Monero is now 1/100 of bitcoin, that is, the growth potential is great. Monero - the project where I put in the most money.


SystemOn the basis of the blockbuster, which is optimized for storing large amounts of data in real time.

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough

Works on top of bitcoin.


Competitor Ethereum on the blockchain bitcoin.


Distributed data warehouse .

Alternative Box, Google Drive, which in the hands of large corporations will not have access to your data.


Competitor Ethereum with emphasis on ease of development and deployment of applications.

It uses JavaScript - and has good prospects as an infrastructure for the "Internet of Things".


A protocol that allows you to drastically reduce fees for financial transactions - up to several cents.

Recognized in the industry - several venture funds
invested money in it; It is already used now in several large banks.

The currency itself differs from the others: it is centralized and premined.


Decentralized platform, allowing to donate money to content authors.


For the time being, a project under development,The decisive problem with the privacy of transactions is similar to Monero.

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An interesting team of developers, also some venture funds have already invested.

To me, however, it seems that there are too many risks - at the moment the most common "backdoor" left in the code by one of the developers - for example, ordered by the special services, can forever compromise the system in the future.

Nevertheless, the currency makes sense as a medium-term investment - I'm also going to throw a little cash on it in the release.

The investment process

The simple way is to buy bitcoin for real money on any exchange, and then buy one of the crypto currency for it.

I checked out the purchases at
Poloniex, where there are all the currencies from the list.

After investing for any significant amount, it is better to send everything to a separate purse - otherwise you risk losing savings when breaking the stock exchange.

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough

Make sure that your storage does not have access to the Internet - it's safer.

Prepare not to "drain" the investment in the next panic of the market. The biggest jackpot is broken by those who are ready for prolonged discomfort due to negative jumps in the rate.:)

Is investing 200 dollars to crypto enough