Less Valuable And Easier To Mine Cryptocurrency

Less valuable and easier to mine cryptocurrency

Less valuable and easier to mine cryptocurrency

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of Money to spend on mining equipment, nor do you want to have to deal with huge electricity bills, but want to make a few bucks mining cryptocurrencies you can then trade on exchanges.

To help you out, here are the top 5 easiest cryptocurrencies to mine, so your cheap laptop can still help you earn a few bucks! Note these are according to http://www.cryptocoinsinfo.com

#1 – CasinoCoin (CSC)

One CasinoCoin right now is worth $0.008 but it is also extremely easy to mine, as according to CryptoCoinsInfo its mining difficulty is as low as it gets.

Less valuable and easier to mine cryptocurrency

The coin’s low popularity makes it desirable too small miners like us so go ahead and make a few bucks using CasinoCoin!

#2 – MoonCoin (MOON)

One MoonCoin right now is worth $0.000062 but don’t let its (very) low value discourage you.

Its circulating supply is a whopping 222,136,987,891 coins and recently its trading volume has search – if you can get your hands on some MoonCoin, you’re sure to make a few bucks in the future.

#3 – UltraCoin (UTC)

When launched, one UltraCoin used to be worth $0.7, but the coin has lost a lot of its value and, along with it, mining difficulty.

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Right now, one UTC is worth $0.016978.

#4 – microCoin (MRC)

One microCoin is worth $0.000021, but a lot if unknown about this coin so I wouldn’t personally mine it. Its trading volume is so low, the last 24h saw nothing being traded, although every once in a while a few dollars get traded.

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Nevertheless, the coin’s mining difficulty is next to none.

EXTRA – Bytecoin (BCN)

I persoanlly mine BCN. Bytecoin’s huge supply, and the fat it’s a CryptoNight based cryptocurrency mean it is a very easy cryptocurrency to mine – so much so I made a few dollars on my very old laptop, using MinerGate. It’s temporarily disabled – for a while – on Poloniex, but if you get enough coins you can also exchange them at Changelly, for example.

Less valuable and easier to mine cryptocurrency

Bytecoin isn’t as easy to mine as others, but I included it because the cryptocurrency’s huge supply means you will always get a lot of coins.

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