Metro Performance Glass Ipo

Metro performance glass ipo

Metro performance glass ipo


29 July 2014

Metro Performance Glass Limited IPO Allotment

For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1, Metro Performance Glass Limited (NZX:MPG) advises the following securities have been issued on 29 July 2014:

a Class of security Ordinary shares

b Number issued 185,030,000

c Nominal value Not applicable
Issue Price $1.70

d Payment terms Payable in cash

e Amount paid up Fully paid

f Percentage of class of
The new ordinary shares issued represent 100% of the total ordinary shares on issue.

The total ordinary shares offered to the public pursuant to the initial public offering represent 77.6% of the total ordinary shares on issue.

g Reason for issue 41,361,614 new ordinary shares issued have been allocated to existing shareholders of Metroglass Holdings Limited as part consideration for the shares in Metroglass Holdings Limited.

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The remaining 143,668,486 new ordinary shares issued have been allocated or transferred to the public as part of the initial public offer of shares in Metro Performance Glass Limited.

h Authority for issue Directors’ resolution and entitled person’s consent dated 5 July 2014

i Terms of issue As set out in the prospectus dated 7 July 2014 (as amended by an instrument to amend dated 15 July 2014).

j Number of securities in existence after issue 185,030,000

k Treasury stock Not applicable

l Date of issue 29 July 2014

Nigel Rigby
Chief Executive Officer, Metro Performance Glass Limited