Micro Invest In Crypto

Micro invest in crypto

Cryptocurrency market value over time

Hi Frothers,

With more and more of you investing in the crypto-economy for the first time, I thought it was important to give you a visual display of why you don't need to go big to do very well in this space. You can start with a relatively small amount and target modest profits. You don't have to target 10X on every coin to do very well in trading/investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins.

I am always invested quite heavily in my own projects, but a recent $20,000 loss on one of my startup businesses left me a little short of capital coming into investing in the crypto-economy.

Micro invest in crypto

I had had some previous success in day-trading Fiats and commodities but did not enjoy the stomach-churning ride that inevitably ensues when playing with leveraged money.

I started approximately 2 months ago with AU$150. A modest amount that I would never have considered investing previously.

Micro invest in crypto

After factoring in brokerage, it's simply not enough starting capital. But I quickly discovered that Bitcoin and the crypto-economy had leveled the playing-field.

Excel spreadsheet ( targeting 1% profit per day compounding) Day 1

A micro-investors dream. A platform/economy where brokerage was almost non-existent.

Micro invest in crypto

The crypto-economy had given me a chance. I quickly began making 5% per day. Whilst $7.50 might not sound like much to get excited over, I'd like to give you a visuall display of compounding interest, and help you understand why I am very excited to be among the earliest 1% of people in the world to find this revolutionary form of investment.

Excel spreadsheet (targeting 1% profit per day compounding) Day 60 (Roughly today) I am well ahead of this target

Excel spreadsheet (targeting 1% profit per day compounding) Christmas (Not bad from AU$150)

Excel spreadsheet (targeting 1% profit per day compounding) 1 Year (Hang on a sec.....

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wasn't that $150 only a year ago?)

Yes it was! And proof that you don't need to start with huge bank or set ridiculous targets to make excellent money investing in the crypto-economy.

Trading platforms with no money involved

Patience and research is as important in this game as the ammount of money you can bring to the table (unless you are super rich and can manipulate a market) lol.

If you try to get rich overnight you'll more than likely lose your capital.

If you are patient, buy on the dips, and spend only what you can afford to say goodbye to....... you might just do very well investing in the crypto-economy over the next 3-5 years.

Stay stoked, keep frothing, and always remember......

Micro invest in crypto

an informed investor is a successful investor.

Fish @beachbuminvestor