Negatives And Positives Of Ipo Charts Progreamming

Negatives and positives of ipo charts progreamming


Negatives and positives of ipo charts progreamming

Students study problem solving and the software development process. They use IPO charts and flowcharts to organize their program planning.

  • ask students how they solve problems
  • look at Problem Solving methods (Appendix 2.1.1) with
  • discuss with the students the need to organize the work to create a program;
  • introduce the use of an IPO Chart (Appendix 2.1.2) and a Flowchart (Appendix 2.1.3) by using an example program;
  • use a simple math concept that makes use of a constant;
    • such as finding the area of a circle (uses pi);
  • demonstrate the use if the IPO and flowcharts using the example;
  • design and administer a quiz on the use of the IPO chart and flowchart;
  • design and administer a test based on this activity.
  • Introduce the concept of a development process and present examples of how products are created.

  • Introduce the concept of the Software Development Process(Appendix 2.1.4) and stages of this process.

    See Waterfall model (Appendix 2.1.5) and Iterative Model (Appendix 2.1.6) and Guideline model (Appendix 2.1.7).

    IPO Diagrams

  • Present a development process from another industry and compare it to the software development process.

  • Discuss how needs of various industries shape their design processes.

  • Students participate in a class discussion about the development process .

  • Facilitate discussion on students’ programming experience and how they have carried out programming tasks.

  • Query students about the programs they have used at school, at home, or at work.

  • Facilitate discussion regarding the creation of large programs or applications (e.g., word processor, spreadsheet, photo-editing tools, web browser, and operating system).

  • Present examples of the use of the software development process in the software industry.

  • Discuss the ethical implications of the design process.

  • Negatives and positives of ipo charts progreamming