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Nude manicure clear ipo

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Manicures aren’t known for their longevity. And because they chip, smudge and tend to lose their charm after a while, the idea of a traditional manicure has been replaced by many women with the notion of Gel Nails, also known as acrylic nails or nail enhancements.

Acrylic nails are not only fashion accessories, designed for the use of women who want to look better and to show off a perfect manicure at all times, but also a means to conceal or fix broken, damaged, short or bad nails.

Nude manicure clear ipo

It also helps prevent people from biting their nails, breakage of nails and protect splits. They are used when people are not able to grow the length and strength of natural nails that they desire.

And for that purpose alone, their popularity in our community has grown immensely.

Some artificial nails attempt to mimic the appearance of real fingernails as closely as possible, while other designs may deliberately stray in appearance from real fingernails.

There are several popular techniques that can be used to create longer, better-looking nail enhancements, and although all of them come with many advantages and disadvantages, in the absence of a better method to obtain a great manicure, people kept getting them.

One popular material commonly called Poly acrylics is a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer.

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The mixture starts to harden in 20–30 seconds after application and continues to cure to final hardness typically within fifteen minutes. Powder and liquid acrylics can be removed by using organic solvents.

Another material, commonly called UV Top Coat (a polymer resin) hardens under ultraviolet light.

Nude manicure clear ipo

They generally cannot be removed by organic solvents, but only be removed by filing (or left to grow out with the natural nail).

Gel Nail Polish

Why the need to replace Acrylic nails?

Although there are some advantages to acrylic nails, like the possibility of showing off an impeccable manicure for several weeks and not worrying about smudges, chips and nail cracks, the market has sensed the need to replace acrylic nails with a similar product, that lacks the disadvantages of Gel Nails.

Thus Gel Nail Polishes were created, a revolutionary product that since its launch has continued to gain popularity and adepts among women in search for the perfect manicure, amazing colors and nail design styles.

OPI Gel Nail Polish “GelColor” is the most sought after product on the market right now, replacing its predecessor, Axxium, and offering great results and the promise of indestructible, instant-drying polishes that withstand up to two weeks, all the while remaining shiny and scratch-free.

OPI GelColor Nail Polish

OPI Gel Nail Polish – the polish of the future

Gelcolor by OPI is a Ultraviolet manicure system that allows your nails to stay healthy and strong while maintaining the chic shine of a salon service.

There are a total of 30 Gelcolor Colors available for application, all of them selected from the most popular shades from OPI’s portfolio.

This number will definitely increase as OPI adds more of its already famous color selection to this manicure system.

OPI redefines manicure services with the launch of a product that eliminates the cons of Acrylic nails, such as filing, safety issues and the controversial removal.

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Gelcolor goes on like polish, cures in 30 seconds, and lasts for weeks. By using this product you are sure to fall in love with your nails again and you won’t have to worry about damaging them.

There are several benefits that come with using GelColor by OPI:

  • Gel Polishes are long lasting

Soak-off gels look like polish but last longer, in part because they are cured onto the nail with an ultraviolet lamp.

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It’s the perfect replacement for acrylic nails and it doesn’t share the side effects of the later. GelColor lasts for a minimum of two weeks, maintaining its shine.

OPI GelColor

  • The application process takes a few minutes

Unlike the acrylic nails, which are places in a matter of hours, the application process for Gel Nail Polishes takes but about a few minutes.


A manicurist paints on a base coat, two color coats and top coat, as she would with regular nail lacquer. But after each coat, the soak-off gel is cured briefly under ultraviolet light, so the client leaves with impeccably dry nails.

  • Gel Nail Polishes are non-damaging to the nail

The first and most important benefit of Gel Nail Polish is that the application is not as harmful to the natural nails as we now know in regard to acrylic nails.

Nude manicure clear ipo

Because the gel-polish system does not require the filing of the nail bed, the process is non-damaging to the nail.

  • Great selection of colors

There are a total of 30 GelColor polish shades available for application, all of them selected from the most popular shades from OPI’s portfolio. This number will definitely increase as OPI adds more of its already famous color selection to this manicure system.

Gel Polish by OPI

The removal time and process itself is a breeze when comparing to its predecessor or to Gel Nails.

Pads soaked in acetone or a specially made remover are placed on the fingernail or toenail and worn for 10 minutes.

A predecessor product, hard gels, took too long to remove and involved filing, which damaged nails.

New Nail Care Resolutions

But soak-off gels, now available in about half the country’s nail salons, are considered an improvement.

  • Glamorous shine and available in metallics

The shiny Top Coat is an important part of the whole Gel Nail Polish ritual, as it gives the manicure extra shine and the promise of perfect nails for weeks to come.

In addition to the nice touch of shiny – just left the salon – nails, OPI offers a nice range of metallic shades that every nail addict will appreciate.

In fact, it is so easy to use, that recently, Sephora launched the OPI GelShine Manicure System, an at-home LED light machine that provides smooth and flawless gel manicures.

The Sephora by OPI GelShine Manicure System ($159.00) will include The LED Light, your choice of GelShine Color, GelShine Base Coat, GelShine Top Coat, GelShine Brush-On Cuticle Oil, GelShine Cuticle Stick, Nail Buffer, GelShine Nail Cleanser, GelShine Lint Free Cleansing Pads, 3 Sets of GelShine Removal Wraps and Sephora by OPI Colour and Gel Remover.

There are eighteen shades available of the GelShine itself for $17.50 along with refills of each Sephora by OPI GelShine product that will be available for purchase separately.

Nude manicure clear ipo

On the outer package is an instructional video via a QR code which I found very easy to understand.

Although it seems that the long-lasting gel polish manicure is having a moment, there are several voices out there that state the products “are quite simply gel overlays masquerading as paint” and that a 14-day manicure can be too much commitment.

How do you feel about it?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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