Send Cryptocurrency To Kraken

Send cryptocurrency to kraken

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Before being able to deposit any digital assets or cryptocurrencies, your account must first be verified to the Starter level or higher.

Once you're verified, you can deposit any of the supported digital assets and cryptocurrencies by following these steps:

1. Navigate to ‘Funding’


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Tick "Show all assets" or use the Search bar and type the asset you wish to deposit.

3. Click on "Deposit" for the currency you wish to deposit.


Send cryptocurrency to kraken

Read the instructions carefully.

5. Make sure that the cryptocurrency deposit you wish to make fulfills the minimum deposit requirementsspecified on the page. Also, double-check that you are sending the right kind of digital asset to the right kind of address as transactions sent to the wrong address may not be recoverable.


Send cryptocurrency to kraken

If it is your first time depositing, then you will have to generate a new deposit address. Click the ‘Generate New Address’ button.


How to withdraw cryptocurrencies from your Kraken account

Select, copy, and paste the address (and if applicable, other details*) into the wallet from which the funds will be sent. Do not type the address by hand.

*For certain cryptocurrencies, you will need to include more details than just the address:

Alternatively, you can also use the provided ‘QR code’, or ‘Launch’ your device’s default wallet client if the option is available.

💸 How to Withdraw/Deposit Ripple XRP on Kraken (Very Easy) 💵

IMPORTANT: If you use the QR code for XRP and XLM ensure the tag/memo is included. For EOS, the memo will need to be manually typed in by the user.


Send cryptocurrency to kraken

Once you have initiated a valid transaction from your wallet, the deposit will be credited to your account when the minimum number of required confirmations has been reached.


- If you didn't include the correct tag or memo, please send in a support ticket here

- The only way for a deposit address to be removed is for it to expire. Valid transactions sent to an expired deposit address can still be credited minus a fee.

Tokens sent from ICOs to a deposit addresses on Kraken are not recoverable.

Send cryptocurrency to kraken