South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

If you haven’t checked the cryptocurrency market in the past 24 hours, you may be in for a shock.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit shuts down after 'hack attack'

Bitcoin has fallen the most that it has since May 23, as Bloomberg pointed out, and is currently hovering at $7,200, down 5%.

The broader cryptocurrency market is in selloff mode too, with just about each of the top 100 coins trading in the red.

The culprit appears to be a security breach at South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail, which according to the exchange’s website occurred at dawn.

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

Coinrail, which ranks at No. 94 for trading volume, has contacted local authorities and is currently picking up the pieces.

Coinrail pointed to “security intrusions” targeting a handful of altcoins, including NPXS, NPER and ATX digital currencies, all of which have since been frozen.

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The exchange has also directed about three-quarters of cryptocurrency funds to cold storage, which is an offline way of securing funds. An update on the Coinrail website said:

“Seventy-percent of your coin rail total coin/token reserves have been confirmed to be safely stored and moved to a cold wallet and are in storage,” according to a statement on Coinrail’s website.

Coinrail also provided an update on the trio of affected coins –

  •  NPXS and ATX: Frozen
  • NPER: Frozen “and additional to be issued”

All three coins are down sharply.

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

Pundi X was down 9% at last check, ATX coin is down 27% and NPER is off 15%.

Three-percent of the Pundi X token supply was affected by the hack and was apparently sent to the IDEX exchange.

Pundi X updated its Twitter followers that $NPXS transactions are halted at the direction of the Korean National Police Agency, adding they hope the Coinrail hack “can be resolved soon.”

Dear Pundians, to assist fighting against cyber criminal activity, we’ve extended the halt of $NPXS transactions based on the request of Korean National Police Agency.

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

We hope @Coinrail_Korea hack can be resolved soon. For full detail 👉

— Pundi X Labs (@PundiXLabs) June 10, 2018


Based on a tweet from NPER, they might have the hacker where they want them.

“While some NPER tokens appear to have been hacked from the exchange, the NPER team placed the hacker’s wallet address on a permanent “ Lock “ and made it impossible to move, according to NPER on Medium, urging its investors to remain “relaxed.”

Coinrail is ranked No.

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

94 among cryptocurrency exchanges for trading volume, with less than $3 million transacted over the most recent 24-hour period. While there’s never a good time for a security breach, the cryptocurrency markets were beginning to show some resilience, and despite some recent selling, bitcoin was within earshot of the $7,800 level.

South korean cryptocurrency exchange hacked

Now it will have to regain lost ground once again, serving as a reminder of just how fragile a market without formal regulation can be.

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