Strong Hold Cryptocurrency Wallets

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets

Is Stronghold A Reliable Digital Asset Exchange?

Built on passion and ingenuity, Stronghold is a digital asset exchange network that represents Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lumens on the Stellar Network.

Just in case you’re off the grid, Stellar is an open-source, distributed payments infrastructure that connects people, payments systems, and banks.

Stronghold Trading

If you are just testing the digital currency waters for the first time, or a seasoned trader in the crypto market, Stronghold is a partner you cannot afford to lose.

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The platform has all that you’ll need to trade digital currency. Here are some of the key features of the platform:

Instant And Reliable:

Stronghold allows instant digital currency transactions.

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets

They value your time and you don’t have to wait.


With hundreds of digital assets coming on the platform, you’ll experience the variety of digital assets that rivals the old systems.

User-Friendly Interface:

With easy to use professional tools, you are able to buy and sell your digital assets with ease.

Safe Storage:

Stronghold offers safe, convenient, and secure offline storage for the vast majority of the digital assets.

Reliable Network:

Stronghold offers a trusted network and scalability.

On the platform, you will rarely come close to network congestion.

Privacy Assurance:

Above all, Stronghold enables you to maintain full control of your private keys with their multi-signature vault.

What Drives StrongHold?

As the world’s fastest and most cost-effective way to buy and sell digital currency, Stronghold has three main pillars that drive its operations.


The platform is all-inclusive.

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets

On Stellar’s distributed exchange network, it connects traders and institutions in the crypto market across the world to trade their digital assets in less than a minute.


The platform reduces the wait time due to network on the Ethereum network. Besides, it’s faster and more secure.


The Stronghold platform utilizes cutting-edge technology that is way ahead of what prevails in today’s market.

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The products are more secure, faster, and scalable than anything else on the market.

Is Stronghold A Full-Service Digital Asset?

Stronghold offers a personalized service for clients and institutions that desire large block digital asset trading.

The platform supports over the counter trading system, where it offers secure, two-sided transaction for most digital assets and tokens.

A team of professionals oversees the entire process and most trades are settled on the same day.

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets

Supported digital assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and customized transactions. The platform supports most digital assets and tokens.

StrongHold Trade Minimums And Fees

The minimum transaction for trading on the Stronghold platform is $25,000.

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets

In addition, the platform charges a fee of 2% on Bitcoin trades and 7% on other digital assets and tokens.

To get started on the Stronghold platform, you simply need to create an account using your email and password. Once you become a member, you can send or receive Bitcoins and other digital currencies through your account.

Apart from Bitcoin, other digital currencies supported by the platform include Ethereum, Lumens, and Mobius.

To crown it, Stronghold is on the lookout for new talents and if you feel you can make a good fit for their team, feel free to contact them.

Strong hold cryptocurrency wallets