Super Bowl 2020 Crypto Cryptocurrency Ads

Super bowl 2020 crypto cryptocurrency ads

Mike Bloomberg is looking to beat President Trump in the Super Bowl ad battle.

The billionaire former New York mayor plans to spend $10 million to run a 60-second campaign TV ad during the Feb. 2 game, which is watched by an estimated 100 million viewers.

The minute-long ad buy is a response to Trump’s campaign running a 30-second Super Bowl spot, Bloomberg’s campaign said.

“Mike Bloomberg is waging a national campaign against Trump.

Super bowl 2020 crypto cryptocurrency ads

This includes running an ad during the Super Bowl on February 2 — a few weeks before Super Tuesday,” said Bloomberg campaign spokesman Michael Frazier.

“When the Trump campaign decided to run an ad during the big game, the Bloomberg campaign responded by buying a spot. Mike is taking the fight to Trump.

“Trump is reportedly running a 30-second ad.

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Bloomberg opted for more impact and more time with 60 seconds.”

The big-bucks ad is part of Bloomberg’s strategy to focus on the dozens of states that vote in March and April. More than a dozen states vote on March 3 — Super Tuesday.

The campaign spokesman declined comment on the content of the Bloomberg ad, such as whether the former three-term mayor will attack Trump.

Bloomberg’s campaign now has 500 organizers and staffers, 300 at his Time Square headquarters and 500 spread across 30 other states.

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Super bowl 2020 crypto cryptocurrency ads