Update On Terms For The Contract For Difference

Update on terms for the contract for difference

11 October 2019: results re-published due to a minor error in Table B (estimated notional monetary budget impact), and to clarify that tables B, C and D are in 2012 prices.

Contracts For Difference (Podcast Episode 70)

All other results are accurate as published.

This document lists the successful applicants for the third allocation round, and contains the following information about the projects:

  • project name
  • developer
  • technology
  • size (MW)
  • strike price
  • delivery year
  • number of homes powered
  • location

It also provides:

  • estimated budget spend, assuming all contract offers are accepted (£/year)
  • the total value of all applications originally received, valued at the administrative strike price
  • breakdown of the outcome by technology, year and clearing price
  • maximum % saving on administrative strike price for each technology as a result of competition

There will be no information published on detail of bids (other than that set out above), or on unsuccessful projects.

The information relating to successful applicants refers to contracts that have been offered.

The contracts will be signed between developers and the Low Carbon Contracts Company (the CfD Counterparty).

Update on terms for the contract for difference