How To Be A Cryptocurrency Millionaire

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

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I am pretty sure you are wondering “how people are making so much millions out of cryptocurrency market ?”
What if i told you the one line answer for it will be “Just buy the low and hold it longer and you are a millionaire”.

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

Whether you accept or not that is the actual fact.
Just have a look at the below CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization of all these years and you will understand what i mean.

The CryptoCurrency Market has always been exponentially growing higher and higher and obviously ups and down in the way . But ultimately it has always been increasing.
Especially in this year 2017 , CryptoCurrency Market has started to evolve really at the faster rate starting this year but still this is just a starting point of CryptoCurrency Market.

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It is never a bad time to start trading in CryptoCurrency Market.

How much Bitcoin will make you a millionaire ?

This is certainly a difficult question to answer. Bitcoin is extremely volatile and you could make or lose money along the way if you invest today.
The second problem is when do you want to be a millionaire: Will it take two years?

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

10 years? 35 years?

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

Will the dollar still be a valuable currency? What could a million dollars buy in the next 50 years?
We could, of course, base this on a hypothesis that everything will continue as normal and there may be a small amount of inflation in the next couple of decades and you end up fabulously wealthy, but unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life.
However, there are fables and stories to keep your spirits up. Back in 2010, a Florida-based computer programmer by the name of Laszlo Hanyecz paid for a pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin that he had mined.

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

Today, that pizza would be worth nearly $9.52 mln.
The exponential growth in Bitcoin, therefore, makes many people hopeful. As Fran Strajnar of says: “There’s a 50/50 chance that 100 BTC will be worth $1 mln USD within 35 years.” 100 BTC is nearly worth $95,000.

We can only say that the early believers had it easier and the cost of delaying your entry into Bitcoin will only make it harder for you to become a Bitcoin millionaire.
Adds Dominik Zynis, Advisor to, “100 btc will be $1M before 2020 ends.

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I made this prediction in 2011.”
The moral here is that everyone should have some exposure to cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

After all, if Mr. Koch did not believe in Bitcoin or buy them in the first place, he would have made no fortune.

How to be a cryptocurrency millionaire

Happy investing and, quoting from a cheesy Hollywood film, “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Is Starting To Trade Bitcoin Now A Good Choice ?

Well it is a Yes and No. Obviously , If you are a large investor you can easily make profits from trading Bitcoins alone.

Bitcoins can even reach 10,000 $ in the future calculating its rising demand.
The below chart will give you a better idea of the rise in Bitcoin in the past years.

Make Millions In Altcoins ?

Well it is a definite Yes.

Easy Way To Become A Cryptocurrency Millionaire Rich - The Truth

There is a tons of Altcoins available in the CryptoCurrency Market each has its own use cases.
Every coin is built to make things decentralized in almost any industry.
Popularly Traded Altcoins are Ethereum , Ripple , Ethereum Classic , Litecoin , Dash and More…
All you need to do is follow the news articles of each coin and know their development and their official announcement.

“Always Buy on Rumors and Sell on News”

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