Indian Government Cryptocurrency News

Indian government cryptocurrency news

Indian government cryptocurrency news

Policy muddle ruins year 2019 for crypto, blockchain industry

While the government and RBI had shown concern against the proliferation of private digital currencies, their interest on the subject has been lukewarm, said Sathvik Vishwanathan, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin.

What will technology jobs look like a decade from now?

Individuals will need to upskill to ensure career longevity even as automation takes over certain jobs.

Careers in vogue right now may not even exist a decade later.

Indian government panel proposes ban on cryptocurrencies

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, robotics and autonomous vehicles —all emerging technologies — will become mainstream over the next decade, requiring thousands of specialists.

View: How shareholder supremacy in companies is giving way to stakeholder supremacy

Breakthrough in technology could certainly act as an impetus to modify archaic laws, which may have been suitable for a different era.

Besides providing tremendous opportunities for value creation, these could also open new frontiers for building business models around ethics and propriety. Laws have, at times, been blind, and will continue to have blind spots.

Indian government cryptocurrency news