Revolut Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate

Revolut cryptocurrency exchange rate

Revolut Cryptocurrency Review

Inadequate company. It is understandable that Revolut is a business and making profit out of the business is a healthy attitude. For any company running business out of legal rights is certainly not acceptable.

Revolut cryptocurrency exchange rate

A business should act and arrange business cooperation and customer management by following legal manners instead of following injunction of 3rd parties. According to EU and UK law no business has legal right to enforce cooperative company to collect as sensitive information as bank statement of customers and handover them to 3rd parties!

Revolut cryptocurrency exchange rate

They do not even have a telephone service. This is another fast growing company which is directing to an end. We will not recommend this company to anyone wishing serious business.________________________________________

On 06.04.18 we have received an email from advising changes in our review as Revolut has reported this review as offensive.

Explicit costs of an ipo

We also have requested to point out any improper word(s)/section by mentioning to them the following:* Revolut Blocked account, never informed about blocking and never did provide with a reason of blocking account* Per their banking partner’s request they required us to send them our customers’ bank statement, which they planned to forward to their bank!, completely illegal* They required us to explain them about withdrawals from our own account, own funds and tell them what did we do with the money, we are not supposed to be obliged to explain about how do we spend our money


Terrible company, not recommended for any use


No recommendation.

Scammed thousands and closed account without replying

Revolut cryptocurrency exchange rate